Saturday, April 27, 2013

Take Two And Call Me In The Morning

Two a day
Up from Two months ago
More than Two years ago
Time just slipping away
Sleeping the days away
Never feeling useful
Not knowing whether to see if the blade helps
Or hurts
Too afraid to try
Too scared to see
My sins will never be forgiven
Even I don't know what I'm saying
When I try to sit down to write what's on my mind
And All I Can Think Is Failure
But am I a failure?

What if I'm meant to spread the word
about depression and dying
and that I could be the catalyst
the one who speeds up the reaction
the one who brings about change
No ambition
No drive

Never thought I'd regret losing my virginity
But looks like I was fucked
Literally and Metaphorically

It's never getting Any better Than This

I didn't get the job

What if it's because of my writing

Well fuck that

I'm sorry

This is the only reason I'm still alive
if i'm to be frank


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