Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Prison of My Conscience

Keep the earth far below my feet
SO that when I do finally jump
I burn up and feel pain
Before dying on impact

I don't know if I'm sad still
Or if this is just one of those days
But I need to live for me
and not try to catch your gaze

but that's all I ever do
please love me
come back
I miss you my dear

Your eyes are so alluring
and I miss them
And I miss us talking every day
But I'm over you

And I've met someone else
who likes me as much as I like her
and it's weird
i Dont Think Ive Ever Been In A Relationship Like This Before

typing like a Freak
i need to be set free and run and scream and dance and love
but i cant
and i wont
because i cant miss class
because i cant fail
but i can fall

its funny how that works
we can fall but never fail
because falling we can pick ourselves up
but with failure comes shame and disappointment

and not even the fairest king
could ever let me go
from failing again
'please understand' i scream

they take me away
and lead me to the dungeon
where all the other criminals live
but i am the only one who will ever be incarcerated

for this is a special place built only for me