Monday, May 16, 2011

Lab Notes ONE

There are a lot of cool people that have recently come into my life. These are short notes to them.


So you are probably the best person in my life as of now, as you put up with my bullshit and you are just so great. I'm going to miss you this summer, and we need to hang out and get those sammiches.


Sooooo, I dunno if you know this, but I kinda had a thing for #1, and I got over her. I thought I would get sick to my stomach when I saw you guys together at prom, but I died of complete happiness when I saw you two walk through the door to the gym on Friday. You two are perfect together, and you are already the bee's knees.


I'm going to be honest here, I completely love the fact that you didn't alienate me after you were shown the poem that I wrote about you. I loved you for two and a half years, and all of that just made me a better person. You and your boyfriend are adorable together. You are still one of the most beautiful girls I have had the privilege of knowing.


Thank you so much for going to prom with me. I had the best time of my life, and I cannot thank you enough for including me in your post-prom plans. You are gorgeous and you will achieve anything you try. I don't really know why you didn't dance with me, but I don't really care all too much. You are fantastic and I hope that you never ever change. Also, you should paint a portrait of me with a handlebar mustache.


You are quite possibly the cutest individual I have ever met. You bring nothing but complete joy to my life, and I'm glad we have gotten to know each other a lot more over the past few months. From our walks in the park, to our drives singing along to anything on your iPod, you can make any shitty week into the perfect month. You have shared so much with me, and I am glad that I can tell you anything without fear of judgment. I'm going to miss you when you graduate, so we're definitely going to have to hang out, and FINALLY make those t-shirts.


I don't know why I never was good friends with you until extremely recently, but our hatred of math class has brought us together like none other! I love our gym conversations, and your extreme lateness to APUSH basically everyday this year. You're my favwobwobwob.


You have talked me down from the proverbial roof edge so many times. You are so busy and you don't deserve the shit you get from your family and friends. You are so great, and I jst want you to remember to never participate in a nude performance of CATS.


As besties of #1, you were introduced to me through a series of picture messages involving embarrassing candids taken of me. We now know each other fairly well, and when #1 isn't available, I turn to you for girl advice. I cannot wait to see you this summer!


So we met at Summer Celebration, and then the year after that, I saw you at the 8th grade dance, and I thought you called me a "Summer Celebration Fag". Oh lawdy lawd. I am going to miss you and your genuine love of all that is hipster. I love your style and your music. I will miss playing the penis game with you. Also, I will PROBBLY come visit you like 179435 times.


I know we haven't spent time together in dark tunnels, but we still need to chill some point during the summer. It will be a VEWWWY NITTTTTTTHHHHE time. I will come visit you some point this fall at JC and then we will rage, and by rage, I mean sit in your dorm room and watch Dorm Life.


So I love you and our overeating at Steak 'N Shake. Thanks for being there for me lately, you've been a godsend. I love you so much, and please always be there for me MAINCRAFT


You lived in my homestate. You are faced with tough shit on a daily basis. You get shit that you don't deserve. You have an amazing boyfriend. Your mom is probably the best person in the world. You are smart and beautiful and nothing can hold you back. I love you.


  1. Thanks Timmy. You are the man.

  2. hey thought i'd go through some archive posts of yours and i'm going to feel really stupid if the one i think is about me isn't about me, however i thought i'd take that chance. I still love your writing Tim, I aways will. Thanks for the wonderful and truly meaningful words :)