Sunday, January 11, 2015

screams from an otherwise perfect and happy life.

one more month of freedom.
one more year of sadness.
one more decade of changelessness.
one more century of decay.

the horns blare as i drive head on into traffic on 376 west
dodging and weaving through the oncoming headlights i try my best to avoid the inevitable

i havent been myself in so long
but i am now truly who i was so many years ago yearning to be

i am happy i am free i am sad i am me
i am the man that i wanted to be
i dont fall in love with every girl i meet
i fall in love with no one
im icy cold and firey hot

i try to be poetic in life but end up fucking it up
today is a day just like any other
but today is the first day of the end of the rest of my life

one more month.