Monday, December 9, 2013

investing my time in you is like buying a timeshare in pakistan

for all who work or watch or weep this evening with me
let it be
totally my fault that you thought i was someone im not
the one who defined all boundaries of our interactions and who pushed when i nudged
who punched when i tapped
im sorry that you dont know the strength of your own goddamn words
the ones that bite and tear at the fabric of my soul
every day i comb my hair
to be viewed as not a fiend but a friend
but sometimes i wish i were a bit more devilish
so i could just go as i am
because its not easy to love and not be loved back
and to admire but be viewed with distain in return
i feel like im trapped inside the cauldron in which you brew your lies and deceits
im sorry that i dont laugh at the right times
but at least i cry when you want me to
because the slap of your absence
leaves a stinging feeling that leaves tears in my eyes
and one day we must grow apart but i thought it would be much later on