Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abandoned Freestyle

once upon a time not too long ago
A kid troubled by his soul
cast a great long shadow 
because happiness was the one thing that he could not find
No matter what, the daily grind
went on and he could not deal
because time stops for no soul
no matter how tormented
and the shit that he had to go through from both his friends and his foes
The constant fear of losing someone that was close
Or that he was annoying the shit out of that one girl he loved
and used to like but wasn't so sure
and he bought her shit like every fucking time
he could but she had no idea that he did this
and thought he wasn't spending all his money on her
and he wasn't
he had a pocketful of change

But that pocketful of change couldn't apply to him
and he was always sad and alone
He thought he felt a buzz
but when he glanced at his phone
That goddamn vibration spectre played a trick
And he fell deeper into the mindset of the sick

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