Thursday, January 24, 2013

death of your feelings

i dont know what love means anymore
the definition has become diluted
and i cant stop screaming at my self
while tearing up the floor
of the baseless relationship my life is built upon
she doesnt feel the same way back
she cares but not that much
she doesnt think she can know

i scream to the sky as the last of my life burns down
and i laugh maniacally and begin to cry because im so overdramatic
and i reach up and rip my hair out between disgusting half-breed sobs and laughs
and my scalp starts to bleed
and as i rip the last of my hair out
of my disgusting, wretched head
i collapse on the ground
strewn across the dirt
the rain starts to fall softly
washing away the blood on my head
and forming a pool on the ground
and as my flesh begins to rot
and my eyes sink into my skull
i watch from above
and smile
because now it doesnt hurt anymore

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