Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forms of Silence

This is what you want
All communication severed
Can’t fucking stand me
Well bitch I can’t even stomach you

My heart’s been stomped on, chewed up, spit out
You know the pain I’m in, worse than fucking gout
Always there, never letting up
When there’s a toast to my suffering, you raise your cup

You make me sick
You’re a fucking prick
And I can’t take your high-pitched whine
Cuz without you I’m doing just fine

Don’t you dare try to oppress me
Stop trying to take all my fucking land- Cheyenne
If you wanna go, bitch watch out, its Custer’s Last Stand
If I go down, I’m bringing you down with me

No and I’m not feeling bad
And no you’re not making me mad
I’m just astounded by your stupidity
I need to make sure this isn’t a dream- total lucidity
Goddamn you’re greedy, total cupidity
Want all of my cash money

Bitch you want to fight?
Get at me, I got the might
To beat you down and take you out
No point- you’re just going to stomp and pout

All I do is win
If you want me to lose, make going HAM a sin
Get off your ass and do somethin
Stop wishing on that goddamn airplane
Or else I’ll shoot it down with no hands

Just try and stop me now bitch
Lyrical madness ensnares your mind
Good luck with your life
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

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  1. Life is like bacteria, and your flow is a germ.