Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lab Notes TWO


Alright, so I can not remember when I have ever been this lucky before in my life. You are my best friend, and I cannot thank you enough for the encouraging words and the metaphorical slaps to the face I need every once in a while (or every day) to bring me back to earth. I have so much fun whenever we hang out. Hell, I even have fun when we are talking on IM. #DR4EVR


You have stayed up past 4 AM just talking to me, making sure I don't harm myself. That takes an insane amount of patience and love, which I thank you greatly for. Your smile lights up my life, and I believe in you with all of my might. Thank you so much for being there for me, and I hope things go better for you.


We have been friends for a few years, and I'm glad that we have gotten to hang out a lot over the past year and a half. Homecoming was a lot of fun and I can't thank you enough. Thanks for always being awesome, and for always having your door open when I need it.


Holy shit. I had no idea you were this strong. Your strength continues to amaze me each and every day. I had no idea of the hardships that you go through. You have gone through so much these past few months, and your cheerful attitude throughout this all amazes me. I love you so much, and we will finally watch some History Channel together one day.


I know we haven't been as tight lately, and I apologize for being stupid. Thanks for hanging out with me on my birthday when I was being a drama queen. You are awesome, as is your collection of Sonic Screwdrivers (and the amount of money you spend on them).


That comment made my life, and I'm glad to know you still like my writing. You are still one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. You and he are perfect together, and I wish you many more years to come.


My AIM buddy. I love how you message me after I post a depressing status. We still need to get coffee together. I love you, and I know you are getting into the college you want it.


It's almost your birthday, and despite your unwillingness to turn 18, believe me, it is a bunch of fun. We will celebrate one way or another. Your photography is awesome as is your ear for music.


Remember that time you were the new kid in my English class and you were shy, but now we just rule this fucking school? Yeah me too. I can't wait for musical, we're going to be awesome.


"That guy just gave you a sassy look." I am so glad we have become tight over the past few months. You are a fantastic writer and a fantastic friend. I wish you two the best of luck (even though you won't need it).

Freshmen in college.

Come back already. I miss you.

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