Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Trifecta

When I first saw you, I was taken capture by your beauty. Your eyes that shone as brightly as the sun, your infectious smile that lit up a room, a face that belonged to an angel. You have cared about me immensely and put up with my constant affection.

You told me that we could never be. My soul was crushed. My heart was broken. It hurt to look at you. A million different thoughts ran through my head when I read every single word you wrote. I wished I would have never told you those three infamous words-- "I love you".

We reconciled. We talk again. You have your soul mate. I am still looking for mine. I am fine with that. You care for me and I for you. I'll never stop loving you. On days when you feel the worst, remember me, because I'll remember you.

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