Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Straddling The Line Between The Ledge And Death

have you ever just wanted to throw your life away
cut your hair off and watch it go down the drain?

circling the endless void
waiting for it to go away?

no amount of pills
or shrinks
or drinking
or smoking
will make this go away

fuck! the greatest curse ever!
literal. metaphorical. hopeful.

lo! when the fuck is it going to be my turn?
I only want what I can't have

I only want to be happy
I only want to be at peace

But incorporating lines from Fall Out Boy
and posting selfies with cocky captions
can only go so far

As far as I know, the peace of mind that I seek
is only for those who haven't been to hell and back

let me jump
let me leap
let me die if only for a minute

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