Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Not Like Anyone Is Okay In The End, Right?

I want you to know what real sadness is
not the hallmark card version that you know
im sorry that you got your heart broken
but try having your heart broken by life
day in
and day out

my tears reek of disparity and loneliness
please drink some more of my sadness tonight
drink up theres plenty more
drink up before you go

you will never know what life is when you have to take pills every day and still not be able to live a normal life
Imagine having someone you love tell you that youre worthless
welcome to years 7-15 of my life
i still think it sometimes

life is a long and winding road
but not when you have friends there to support you
haha hashtag throwback to the first poem i submitted
taylor ripped it apart piece by piece and said it sounded like something a 13 year old girl would write
well look at me now im 20 years old and im single and im trying to get my life together and i still think im worthless from time to time and the pills dont always help as much as i want them to and i wish i could cry how i wish i could cry

im sorry

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