Thursday, October 18, 2012

Would darkness by any other name be just as frightening?

I walk the city streets alone
Turning up my coat collar as the cold nips at my neck
My breath is visible in front of me
The love of my life is plastered all over the billboards and posters and bus station ads
I can't get her off my mind
I'm a hopeless wanderer.
I asked her to hold me fast, but she said no.
I said I would change, but she said she had enough of my lies.
I tried so hard to live in the truth, but I was lost in the haze of the world.
As I drift from bar to bar, the whiskey's sting in my mouth is the only thing I can feel.
That, and the cold nipping at my neck.
I trudge along, my feet dragging across the ground as I see a happy couple leave a bar and hail a cab.
I smile and remember back to when we used to do the same.
We'd get back and kiss and love and hold each other.
I find myself stumbling to a dark alley, illuminated by a single, flickering orange light.
I walk under it and it begins to die.
I look up and smile and whisper "I'm sorry, old friend," as it flickers and fades to darkness.
I am left in darkness.

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