Wednesday, February 13, 2013


No I'm not disappointed in the world
My family, my friends, or my life
In fact I'm pleased with the way this year has unfurled
Well for the most part anyways, the other part, I might as well knife

Because I messed up big time
Not in what I do or I say
But what I don't, being a witness is still a crime
Now all I want is to be spirited away

Because I'm disappointed in myself
My inactions and things left unsaid
They're enough to make one kill oneself
But it won't matter, I'm not alive, I'm walking dead

My soul is barren
Like a radioactive landscape
All those who I love leave me. Abandon.
All. Hope. It. Won't. Get. Better. I'm not one for tickertape.

Thanks for the memories.
But fuck you for actively ignoring me
I hope I will go on, maybe at least once in my life celebrate some anniversaries
But right now, it's lonely; me and only me

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