Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seven Billion Billion Billion (Ode to someone)

I float along in life relatively unnoticed some
what like a ghost who floats
and then plummets when my stomach drops
because of all the butterflies that
surge when she looks at me and
at me
my heart floats incredibly
low because the chance that we would end
up together is relatively small
things always make me happy
like when you say that i’m good
at writing and at being a
zone is probably where i’ll end
up which is better than ending
down from where i started
in hell because the way i feel about you should be sin
attonement is very hard to do because when the priest tells me to hail mary
i end up hailing you
turn your head back to in front of you
talk to your friends who were with you all
along side they laugh
about me perhaps
i shall never know
how you feel about me but i know
that i love you

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