Thursday, September 13, 2012

Physical Abuse of A Drum Most Likely Leads to A Conviction

Some people are so open that they have a hole in their chest where their heart is visible
and if you stick your hand in that hole and try to touch it
you'd touch the biggest lie you've ever felt
because they try to love everyone with all of their heart
but they get overextended and crash
but keep the appearance there
because when they lose the physical closeness
the proximity in location
they feel as if they've been left
behind in the dust
just another photograph to fade in the sunlight
and eventually disappear and crumble into dust
and because they aren't there, they love less
and don't know how to function
because they were only accepted by the others
and now that they're in a new place
who knows who will accept them
because it's certainly not themselves.

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