Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Man

The paramedics and the firefighters peel through the charred wreckage
The driver died on impact, the coroner concludes, under no influence except his own
He drove down the wrong side of the highway
The police contact his next of kin
His wife is called to the station to identify the body
She holds back the tears as she nods yes
And then the dam collapses
She starts to sob
The man consoles her
She tells him they have four young children at home
He says that he will drive her home if she needs
She nods and says yes
She needs help explaining what happened to her children

It's past 5 o'clock
His colleagues have all left for the day
His hands are resting on the top of his head
He is looking at a family portrait, tears streaming down his face
He is saying a silent prayer to God, something he hadn't believed in until now
He wants his children to be alright, he wants his wife to move on
Because he's been dead inside for quite sometime now
He felt nothing when his child was born, and he looked into the sobbing infant's eyes, and that is when he knew
He knew that he couldn't get better
He finishes his prayers
He stands up, puts on his coat, and grabs his briefcase
He says good night to the security guard
He walks to the parking garage
He walks to his car
He starts to silently sob
His hands start shaking
He drops his keys
He picks them up, and unlocks the car
He throws his briefcase into the backseat haphazardly
He undoes his tie and takes off his coat
He puts the keys into the ignition
He checks the mirrors, buckles his seat, and leaves the garage
He glances at the rear view mirror
He knows there is no going back
He's doing this for them

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