Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes I just want to jump from this balcony
Just to see if I feel anything
Because feeling nothing hurts a lot more than pain
Dying could only save me from this pain

When you tell me you're sorry, I ask what for
It's all my fault
When I'm in a drunken stupor because of all this alcohol I'm consuming,
I tell you I'm doing great
Because you told me everything is going great
And I can't ruin that for you
I am a selfish bastard

I can't fly away
My wings have been clipped
The anguish I'm feeling inside is worse than any gunshot or stab wound

I see happy people
I ask "Why not me?"
I see people genuinely enjoying life
I ask "Why not me?"
I see people dying
I ask "Why not me?"

Call it what you'd like
Survivor's guilt, self-pity, or the feelings of an unworthy sub-human piece of shit
I call it life

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