Sunday, June 19, 2011

Twenty Three Freestyle Link

So I turned the Twenty-Three Freestyle Lyrics into a reality. Here is my first attempt at rapping of any sort, and freestyle rapping specifically. The lyrics have been tweaked, and this is a work in progress.


Alright, here it goes--

My name’s Tim and here’s my story:
It’s not one of valor, nor one of glory
Diagnosed with depression at the age of nine
Ever since I’ve been wearing a mask that says “I’m fine”

But I’m not,
life is a bitch
And I can never seem to find my niche
I’m always floating around from place to place
Waiting until someone saves me with loving grace

I wanted to hang myself at the age of eleven
I couldn’t do it, I wanted heaven
Fast-forward six years and I can’t shake the habit
I can’t explain how bad it hurts, like someone stabbed it
But there is one thing that is for sure, listen up now
I haven’t experienced life yet, I’m not taking my final bow

I got so much to live for
Here’s some things that I need to do
I haven’t gone on a European tour
And I haven’t been kissed
If I end it all now
I’ll never know what I missed.

Seems like I’m going upstream without a paddle
I’m pretty heavy, and not that agile
And underneath this calm exterior
There’s a soul that’s hurt and feels inferior

And it’s not just me
My friends have thought of it too
One went as far as to kill himself
And I can’t put his memory on the shelf

And this is all I have to say
Remember you can talk to someone round the clock, every day
There is no way to get help if you stay immobilized
People love you, let’s get that message mobilized.

Thank you for listening
To what I have to say
You can call a hotline if you want to die
But trust me, it gets better, so just sigh

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