Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You mean so much to me. Don't ever look down on yourself or on anything you do. You're perfect. And lately I haven't told you I love you. And I'm sorry. I still do. But it's getting harder and harder for me to say things lately. My mind is breaking down and I don't want to scare you but I can't vocalize how I feel about you because it would come out wrong and horrid and awful and ugly. And you are the complete opposite of that. Don't hurt. Always love. Never falter. Always stand strong. Always be you. Never be fake. Because if we talked again there would be one truth shining out forever and ever into the endlessness of space. That truth changes everyday for me. I don't remember what happened a lot of the time. But who cares? The end of time is always the beginning of something else. The end of a relationship means the strengthening of dozens of others. The last thought before falling asleep just sets the tone for your dreams, in which anything is possible.

Never fall.

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