Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspirational Rap (I guess)

I'm going slightly stoopid from all these haters blowing haze
Going through life is like going through a maze
Not like on a Happy Meal bag
Much harder than one in a Highlights mag

One that challenges the mind
And tests the soul
Just make sure you stay inside that line
Cuz someone will make your body go cold

Limp, deceased, not in this realm anymore
That's what you'll be if you mess with me
And don't worry about that whore
She been with so many guys;
I don't wanna catch anything that makes it hurt when I pee

But seriously, you have so much potential
You fall short in everything you do
While you decline, I rise exponential
I give it my all and I got my crew

You have "friends" that hate
I have supporters that love
You just want to get a girl to mate
All I want is a girl to love

And I know I just used the same word to rhyme
Cut me some slack
I could give you all the time
to write something like this; but you'll always be like an asscrack

You'll always stink

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