Friday, January 6, 2012

So this is what it is like to see all of time at once?
No wonder the Gods don't interfere
I see the sluts grinding their nearly naked bodies and moaning for the attention climax they so dearly desire
I see the hateful scheme on how to bring the loving down, making their plots known to their own kind, and rejoicing when they succeed

I see the lonely and unloved silently cry out for the love they so deserve

I see the depressed plan and hope the ones they want to save them actually come and save

But I see the boy, the man, so innocent and loved, take his own life, and I wonder, why don't the Gods interfere just to save this one soul?

And I realize; the Gods are unloving and cruel, the Gods love and protect, the Gods cannot interfere, because they too, were once people themselves.

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