Saturday, January 21, 2012


Remember that one time when we first saw you? I was scared to see you because I associated the word boxer with a tough scary guy who hurts people, but you were the exact opposite. You were the dog that healed so many wounds. You were chained up and you had a growth the size of a golfball on your left side. We put a leash on your collar and we ran the length of the front yard of that golden retriever farm in the golden-red light of the sunset. You were so happy to be able to move and you loved it. We loved you. Remember how Dad told Mom not to bring the checkbook because we were just seeing if we wanted you? Remember how Mom took it along anyways?

Remember on the hour-long car ride home you were farting up a storm? I don't think I've ever smelled gas that bad since. We were trying to think of names for you, and Mom said "Daisy". That name means so much to me. It always will.

Remember how when we got you back home, and the rest of the family was asleep, Dad got the leash out to take you for a walk and you hid because you thought he was going to whip you? Remember how before you went mostly deaf whenever we opened the basement door and the jingle of the leash sounded, you came running into the kitchen? You loved your walkies.

Remember how on the first night that you were with us, you chewed up my new boat playset? I was so pissed, I didn't talk to you for a good few hours, but then you won me over. I remember when we were the same size when you stood on your hindlegs, so we danced in the backyard to the music of the summer days. Remember when I was playing in the backyard and you were running in your oval that is probably worn down into the dirt, and you ran right through my legs and I flipped over and landed on my back? You didn't even slow down, and I am still amazed to this day about that.

Remember when you flattened your body like a pancake and slipped underneath the fence? Even when we staked down the fence, you still did it. You were so adorable.

Remember when Grandpa died and I didn't stop crying? You came over to me and you licked my hand and I gave you a hug, and you leapt up onto the couch and licked my tears. You always knew when I was feeling sad, even if I wasn't outwardly showing it.

You were my best friend, no matter what. No matter how many times I got annoyed at you for pawing at the back door whenever I had just gotten comfortable on the couch, no matter how many times I pushed you away when you wanted to be pet, you always came back the next day with love in your eyes.

Remember when you used to run up and down the length of the fence with Cocoa, racing to see who was the faster dog? And even when Cocoa got up in her age, you always went to the fence and peered through to see if your puppy friend was doing alright, and you still ran the length of the fence by yourself.

Remember how much you loved cheese? Even yesterday, as the catheter was in your paw, and you lay on the blanket that was covering the doggy gurney, you ate it out of my hand. I probably took 25-30 pictures and videos of you yesterday. I miss you so much. I have looked for you two times so far today, and then when I remember you aren't here, I get so sad.

But you're up in puppy heaven right now. You are free of pain, free of growths, you are able to run like you used to, you can hear, you can eat, you can use all of your legs. You are wagging your tail constantly, and doing that cute things with your body. You know, the one where you twisted your back side and front side when you were excited. I bet you are doing that right now. Hell, I know you are. I can't wait to see you one day soon Daisy. I love you forever. You will always be my Daisy Puppy Dog.

You were my miracle and I'm going to try to love everyone as you loved everyone.

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