Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've given up on you
I concede with these games you play
I'm done trying to win your love
I have nothing left to live for

I have no more heartache
I have no more love
I have no more longing
I have no more inspiration

This is the last thing I'll write you
This is the last thing you'll read
This is my last message
This is the absolute thing I have to say to you

No one can help me
These demons are mine
And thanks for asking, but no, I am not fine

I hate these monsters
They taunt and torment
Always being frightened and never content

You say you care
That you will fight these devils along my side
I refuse, but know its not because of my pride

I have no pride
My heart has been corrupted
For this isn't the first time these things have erupted

I've been battling all my life
I've always been alone
Never telling you I loved you is the only thing I'll bemoan

The final call
Please pick up the phone
I'm giving up after it goes to voicemail again
You're my last hope

I can't believe you'd abandon me like this
Leaving me in the cold with no jacket
I don't care that you're sorry
It's too late

When you show up at my funeral
Remorseful and upset
How do you think I felt each time I got your voicemail?
I couldn't believe it happened either

I'm watching from a cloud
Watching you sob
I feel no emotion
I feel nothing

Heaven rejected me because of my sin
Hell rejected me because I'm too pure
I'm subject to follow you forever
With the worse punishment of all

The curse of no feelings

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