Thursday, May 26, 2011


What are we talking about when we have no idea
I can’t’ imagine you feeling like this
17 years old and she can’t even breathe
Gotta live before you die

Trying to grasp the concept of emergence
You need to have experienced life because its good
Never give up
Better to die trying than to die never having tried at all
Better to jump and then fall
Rejection is a reality
Murphy’s law applies at all times
We need something to happen, but we cannot rely
The sisters spin the thread
They coldly decide when we end up dead
They weave, they sew
They always tell us no
No chance
No success
No winning
Haters going to hate
Losers going to lose
Winners going to win

So take a chance
Never look back
Never be upset
Because if you fret
You’ll miss the good things

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